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Our company mission is to take total care of our customers by providing them comprehensive opportunity not only in meeting their individual pharmaceutical needs within the four corners of our traditional prescription filing services, but to provide them integrated delivery of services that incorporates our total and holistic approach of giving our customers other opportunities, such as, to take advantages of our services on preventive health practices and on our most updated informational services furnished free of charge on the health value of herbal, dietary, vitamins and other nutritional supplemental as well as critical information on known adverse side effects that may result when certain natural supplements are used concurrently with certain prescribed medications.

The salient features of our pharmaceutical services include the following:

  • Free consultation with Licensed Pharmacist
  • Knowledgeable staff of experienced professionals
  • Unique Line of Herbal Products
  • Professional line of vitamins in specialized categories
  • Specialty Pharmaceuticals Services
  • Durable Medical Equipments

Our Unique Approach

It is our mission to address the individual unique needs of each customer. To achieve this goal we are committed to deliver a custom-tailored, thoroughly evaluated, and safe approach to integrative well being, regardless of how complex a person’s health condition is.

Our approach combines in serving patients total holistic needs beyond the four corners of just filling out their prescriptions ordered by physicians or other authorized practitioners. Our comprehensive integrated approach requires us to present our customers with ample opportunity to supplement their prescription need with other holistic and preventable practices. Our services include counseling on prophylactic practices including, diabetes management, smoke cessation, diet, exercise and optimum intake of herbal supplements, nutritional products.

Best Aid Pharmacy offers compliance monitoring and interventions strategies as needed, with HIPPA confidentiality. It offers comprehensive reimbursement assistance by our expert professionals who have in depth understanding of the myriad and complex requirements of various health care insurances, including MEDICAID, MEDICARE, private third party insurances and applicable laws, regulations and requirements.