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Current Openings

Updated : 09/01/2017

  1. Strategic Marketing Manager 

Pharmaceutical Products & Services is needed with responsibilities for formulation & execution of strategic mkt. policies to develop sales/services of pharmaceuticals, specialty drugs, DME/Herbal products, company’s business and revenues, research and create informational promotional scientific literature for herbals/nutritional products, research pharmaceutical & medical literature for preparing content in company’s news magazine, website, research specialty drug trends forecast, applicable and new pharmaceutical regulations for preparing & updating pharmaceutical compliance materials. Must have BS in Pharmacy or equivalent with knowledge of pharmaceutics, medicinal or natural product chemistry, pharmacology and quantitative & statistical skills to conduct company’s marketing research, financial sales/budget/P & L analysis, financial feasibility studies for new line of specialty drug services & MEDICARE/MEDICAID/Private Insurance reimbursement policies andcompany’s revenue projections and forecasting.

  • Mail resume to
  • Best Aid Community Pharmacy, 563 E Tremont Avenue, Bronx, NY 10457